Thursday, May 31, 2007


Yes, I would own this. If I don't already, that is.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Saying Farewell to a legend

Yes, Charles Nelson Reilly passed away this weekend. And yes, he did make Ghandi look like a child pornographer.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pulp Muppet

And THIS is why I posted that. Happy Monday biznitches!

Samuel L Swedish

Probably NSFW (unless you can drop the F-Bomb at work, in which case knock yourself out). But FUN.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Today's Mood Is...

Why? Because I have a job interview for a possible new day job, one that just might pay enough to curtail and/or leave job deux. So cross whatever body parts you have for me. Twice.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Today's mood is...

I got a speeding ticket on the way home today. Was I speeding? Yes. Does it make me any less annoyed that I got a ticket for it because I am guilty? No. To make it worse, I was the last of 5 cars going the same speed, and I was the only one that they pulled over. And before you even say it, I know that "the guy in front of me was speeding" is not a valid legal argument. But I did feel a little singled out. The cop was relatively cool. I made sure that my hands were on 10 and 2, and that he witnessed me taking off my seat belt to get to my wallet. He asked for licence and registration, only then did I move. I handed them to him and responded only with "yes sir" and the like. He said he got me doing 53 in a 30 (which I highly doubt), but he put it down as 47. Then he told me that I have a good driving record and I should go to court, the judge will probably give me a break. To which I said (well after I had pulled away and was out of ear shot) WHOOPTY-FUCKING-DOO!!!!!!!!. To the officer I said "yes sir".

Not to mention that the cat tried to set herself on fire, and according to Wifey, partially succeeded. Now that I know that she is okay, it would strike me as friggin' hilarious, but I am in the aforementioned crappy mood and can't enjoy the cat flambe humor. Damn it.

I still owe you a review for Spiderman 3. It is not going to be nearly as in depth as I would like it to be, but I have way too much crap to do (which is what I was thinking of instead of monitoring my speedometer and realizing that the mini caravan I was in was pulling a little live version of Maximum Overdrive on Belair Road). So here we go...

It is a long movie (pushing 2 and a half hours). It can get a little hokey at points. By that I mean that it feels almost like they tried to shoehorn in some personal life drama for Pete and the gang where there didn't need to be. Spidey always has crap raining down on him, but this felt like it was forced in to counterbalance the action sequences. The action was fun. Well done and there were some nice new wrinkles. Thomas Haden Church is excellent as the Sandman, even if I didn't agree with the continuity alteration that wedged Flint Marko (Sandman's "real" name) deep into Pete's life. Church is a very good actor, and he makes the character real and 3 dimensional, which is not always easy in comic book movies. I am not a huge Kirsten Dunst fan, and she does nothing for me to sway me in either direction here. I felt like Gwen Stacy was really underutilized as a character. I did not see any real reason for her to be introduced. I love the character from the comics, but the part she plays in this particular story could have been by any female. She didn't have to be named Gwen Stacy. Jameson is hilarious as always. I liked what Tobey Maguire did with the character change with the black suit. I thought Topher Grace was a decent to good Eddie Brock. I wasn't fond of the way they changed his tragic flaw from the comic (and yes I am aware that they cannot be 100% faithful to continuity from the comic. However, in the comic Eddie Brock made an honest mistake, he was duped. In this one, his mistake was one of malicious intent. I hope I am not giving away so much that you can see what he does before it is revealed. I am kinda new at this major movie review thing). As Venom, he is a good villain. I liked the CGI on that. And James Franco was better than I was expecting as the "New Goblin" (I don't like that name either). Again they throw in some nice allusions to the comic here, even if they do it by crossing characters with occurrences that happened to someone else within the book itself.

Final analysis? Not as good as Spiderman 2 (or even 1), but if you enjoyed the other two, you will like this one. It definitely didn't leave me panting for another sequel like the 2nd one did. If they make Spiderman 4, I will probably go see it. But it won't be pressing me as much as this one was. All that said, odds are I will make an attempt to go see this again, hopefully with a less critical eye and just go in to enjoy the flick. But I still want to see Hot Fuzz first.

Okay, I have to get to work here. Damn the man. Save the EMPIRE!!!


Words Fail Me

I am not having a good day. I might have mentioned this. I saw this video on Something Awful, and for the entire 3:51 I stared at the screen dumbfounded. I have to hope that this isn't supposed to be serious, but I fear that is all TOO serious. And you wonder why MTV went to all non video programming. It is because some intern unearthed this gem and tried to get it on the rotation.