Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

I know I am overdue here, so I brought some backup.

It has been crazy in the world of BSR.  Wifey has been travelling to Amish Paradise for a summer-long gig she got (yay Wifey!), which has meant more home alone time for The Dog Of Ultimate Ev0l!!!!!!! , which has made for a change in work schedule.  My long time boss at Bullseye Inc. has moved to a new store (whether he wanted to or not), and my new boss is, while cool, a whole new set of rules and tactics to learn (and since the old boss was the only boss I ever had at that store, old habits are dying hard.  She has been very understanding of the fact that I am not doing anything to try to piss her off and she is not taking it personally - she trained under my old boss so she knows we have been doing certain things for years there - but it still requires this old dog to learn some new tricks, and l am not wired for that kind of hokum anymore).  There has been some pretty serious upheaval with Drop 3 and our current (possibly soon to be former) base of operations, which has made for some anxious moments as well as some serious scrambling.  And to top it off, there is something happening this weekend that I am not at liberty to discuss as of yet (on the off chance that prying eyes are reading this), but will cover sometime next week after the dust has settled.

Oh yeah, the side of my foot exploded the other day.

Trying to keep a long (and pretty gnarly) story short, I got a cut on the bottom of my foot, just below the big toe.  Apparently it got infected (nothing serious, just that something got in there).  The fact that I wear compression stockings kept it pushed up in there, getting worse.  The boots I wear while AT Bullseye (and usually all day when I work there, since I hate having to lug around a pair of boots As well as the uniform) press against the side of my foot, right next to where the cut was.  Pressure plus friction made for a thin spot for the infection to eventually escape from, and BOOM! goes the dynamite, toe-style.

So it has been eventful, to say the least.  As always, I will endeavor to do better in the future.  But as history shows, don't go counting on it.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

So one of the ladies in the office (she is here part time and at the hospital part time) sounds EXACTLY like Urkel, with both nasality and inflection.  And to be perfectly frank, every time she speaks I want to choke her.  But this isn't about me...

Some of you might remember the nice older lady (who will be receiving her nickname in just a moment) who sat next to me when I first started here, who retired a couple of months in.  Well she is back, working part time (and home not working part time).  And she is the exact same as she used to be.  Which led to what happened today...

Urkel has a tendency to rub people the wrong way, both because her voice makes you want to drop kick puppies and because she is one of those people that will IMMEDIATELY go on the defensive if someone tries to tell her that she might be doing something the wrong way.  Whatever is happening, it is not only not her fault, but she also has a ready made excuse for anything that might not be something she can put at someone else's feet.  Like today, when Moms Mabley started to ask her questions because Urkel had given her some halfway completed work.  Moms used to do Urkel's job, so she knows what is needed.  Urkel whined and gave half assed answers, then turned and in a classic display of passive aggressive behavior, loudly mumbled "That's why I can't get any work done.  Everybody TALKING all the time".

Moms didn't like that.  Moms called her out on it.  And now we have a senior citizen street fight about to happen.  Moms and her cane versus Urkel and her briefcase on wheels.  

If you are a gambling man / woman, put your money on Moms.