Monday, November 27, 2006


I like the holidays (and by "holidays" I mean the Thanksgiving/Christmas corridor. I am not a big fan of working retail during said corridor, but the season itself usually brings out the best in people...eventually). I really do. But, like anything, there are things that annoy me (you had to see this coming). And more than almost anything else I am annoyed by the cavalcade of Christmas music that I am subjected to every damn year.

It probably started with my mother (not TOO Freudian I hope). My mother is one of those hardcore Christmas freaks, and it shows in her tastes in music. My mother would (and still will) listen to Christmas music at any time. There is nothing like being 12 and walking into your house after a long day of being 12 in late June, with kickball, bike riding, creek-exploring and the like, and hearing Nat King Cole singing about turkey and mistletoe. But by the time you reach 14 and up, and (by law I believe) have to become at least somewhat surly and withdrawn, it gets to be a bit much. And from early October on (pretty much what she would do is pull the "spooky sounds" tape out of the tape player and throw in the soundtrack to White Christmas). By mid November I was tired of it. By mid December I would start going nuts. And by December 26th, if I heard one more damn version of Frosty the Snowman, I was ready to kill. Of course, she kept playing the crap until the tree came down sometime around the spring thaw (artificial trees never seem as urgent in regards to removing them).

So that leads me to now, when I really just can't stand the stuff in anything but small doses. I learned to avoid any station advertising itself as "the Lite FM" from Thanksgiving until New Years, and once I moved out of the parent's place, it became easy to keep away from. I did my fair share of mall work, but you can block that out with enough effort, and when you are helping customers you really don't hear it anyway.

So what is happening here in Moleville? Well, one of the Hens has Christmas music playing, and it is as loud as it can be. And to make matters worse, Mother Hen told her to turn it up, and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Luckily, before I had to speak up and make a few enemies (what with the string of profanities I was about to unleash), Wonder Woman piped up and called Mother Hen selfish, but did it in that way that only Hens can, so as to not cause hurt feelings. So I was saved from THAT potential trip to the unemployment line. At least for now.

I need to wrap this up, but I promise this week you will have a tale of "Tuxedo Freaks Out and The Fart That Cleared The Room". And yes, it all started around 5am, because crazy shit just can't happen to me during regular business hours.

All the cool kids are doing it...

Like most people, I was pretty disgusted at the Michael Richards tirade last week. Just in case you HAVEN'T seen it or heard about it (and if so, where the hell have you been?), go HERE and check it out. We will all wait for you? We promise. Without delving too deeply into the uses of the word "nigger" (yup, I am going to type out the whole thing. To me, saying "The N Word" is stupid. There are too many "N" words. Besides, it sounds like a program you might find on Showtime), and why it is in fact okay for use sometimes and by some people (I don't quite grok that. It makes the word the "Y" of the English language. "Sometimes Y, and sometimes nigger". Of course, this being Monday a lot of things are harder to understand). But my friends I am here for a much more specific reason, and that is he comments he made while making another public apology. This was number 3 of about 500 that he will do. And this one was on Jesse Jackson's radio program. While he was making his appearance, he said this...

Richards noted that the racial epithet he used is frequent in the entertainment industry, and acknowledged that it could have consequences.

"I fear that young whites will think it's cool to go around and use that word because they see very cool people in the show business using that word so freely," he said. "Perhaps that's what came through in that ... the vernacular is so accessible."

THAT might just be the scariest thought of them all. That somewhere in the world, there are some young whites that think that Michael Richards is a very cool person in the show business. If there are people THAT naive and moronic, this world is indeed doomed.

BTW - quick thought to chew on...Why is this outburst not getting the same kind of pariah status for Richards that the comment on Jews got Mel Gibson? Is Richards' slur less hurtful? Was Richards not drunk, so it must have been manufactured to shock and awe, not come from that "vino veritae" that Gibson was nailed with? I never did anything on the whole Mel Gibson thing. I still need to touch in on that.

But it will have to wait for another time. I need to go do what the very cool people in the show business are doing. I can't wait to start my new "Botox and Anorexia" diet.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wierd Al Interviews Eminem

This is the clip that made me start posting all of these. This is a CLASSIC.
AL TV Clip-1987

I laughed so hard I almost made a little. Pretty much just 5 minutes of Al screaming, but still worth it.
Weird Al interviews Michael Stipe

yup, I am officially on a kick now. Don't like it? TOUGH.
White & Nerdy

Frickin' brilliant.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I know you are wondering what the hell the blurb under the next post means. Or if you weren't, you probably are now. Well, I just wrote a nice long post about something, and because my computer and/or blogger is teh stoopid, it went away before posting. I do not have the energy to re-type it. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday. Until then, enjoy the movie clip below.
office space recut

Okay, I forgive you. Just don't let it happen again. In the meantime, this is my gift to you, my loyal minions. Now WATCH THE DAMN SHOW!!!