Monday, December 10, 2007

Lemme esplain...

No, is too much. Lemme sum up...

I have mentioned my recent battles with insomnia. I had another fight last night. REM lost (damn you Bill Berry!). So I am caffeinated up pretty good and at this very moment taking a break from my federally required medical theory training / reprogramming (the hospital has about 25 or so accreditations that it likes to keep, spending millions of dollars [I assume it is that much. They cannot convince me otherwise] to make sure that CARF and JHACO and BINGO and all the rest give us the Seal of Approval. Personally I would rather they say "screw the accreditation" and pay me a damn living wage. I am kind of selfish that way, but anyway...). There are some things that are generally good to know, and it can't hurt to mandate refreshers on things like sexual harassment and respecting patients and co-workers (part of me wonders if there is a loophole I can find in these things that would allow me to have JJ and Asian Mustard Lady permanently banned from my personal bubbles - my personal space bubble and my auditory bubble - that might be worth more than the living wage to tell you the truth), but a lot of the stuff I think is a little beyond the pale for me to have to know. For instance, if there is a patient really relying on me to administer medical advice / make a medical decision that could have ANY kind of impact on them beyond what they are being served for lunch (and that might be too much responsibility for me if you really think about it. sick people have some effed-up dietary restrictions), odds are they have a lot more to worry about than if I am HIPPA compliant in my decision making, since odds are it will only happen in some kind of bizarro, Red Dawn-esque apocalypse where confidentiality of medical records won't be nearly as important as finding a way to get up into the mountains in order to begin a guerrilla campaign against our oppressive overlords.

In other words, I am feeling le Goofy. And there is no way I am even going to TRY and stop this Crazy Train.


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