Friday, May 02, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

The Hens are clucking away. Today's topic? That Reverend Wright is getting paid to sabotage Barack Obama's campaign. Yes, they do in fact "know that's right".
So let's sum up the fear factors I am currently being inundated with...
The Hens think that Obama is the victim of a vast Caucasian conspiracy.
A relative forwarded me the thought that it states in the Bible that the Beast that will bring about the End Of Days will be "a charming man of Muslim descent" (before you say it, I know that Muslim is not a descent-able lineage. It is just more fuel for the fire I am lighting under the "Pray that it is environment and not heredity that is the overall denominator in one's mental make-up)
A friend is convinced that Hillary Clinton is going to win because women are going to en masse nag and cajole their husbands into voting for her. And if that doesn't work, they will withhold sex (you would think married guys would be used to that). Yes, it is Lysistrata all over again.
Screw all of 'em. I'm still votin' Kucinich!

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  1. This year I think I'm writing in Ron

    Reagan that is, sorry BSR...

    and I'm stealing the scissors beats paper jpg :D