Friday, February 19, 2010

Today's Mood Is...

Today has been a day filled with suck. I had an appointment for an MRI (at Advanced Radiology in White Marsh. Why am I calling them by name? Because they are one of the most suckiest things that ever sucked a sucky thing, and I want them to get all the credit they deserve) today at 10AM. My parents got here by 9 (since I am not allowed to drive right now), and we arrived at the appointment by 9:30. I was told at that time that they were running 30-45 minutes behind, which meant a good hour of sitting there.

At 11:15 I went back up to the desk to ask what was going on, and I was told that it would be another hour. At this point I tried to convince my parents and wife that they should go get something to eat, since it was going to be a while, and if I got done early I could text/call them. They decided to hit the snack shelf of the pharmacy in the building and wait it out.

When it hit 12:45, I asked again, and was told 30 minutes. At this point I didn't believe them, but I had no choice, since I needed this test before my appointment on Tuesday and I had no way of getting back there (not that they offered/mentioned that as an option).

It was around 1:30 that The Apologist came out and told me what was going on (yes, 3 and 1/2 hours after I was supposed to be seen, I was told what the delay was) and that it was going to be 15 more minutes. It seems that someone who had an earlier appointment came in late, and American Radiology in White Marsh has a policy that no patient can be turned away. But in what can only be described as a BRILLIANT BUSINESS MODEL, they also have the policy of shoehorning the late person in as quickly as possible instead of making them wait for an opening or reschedule. So that is part of why I did not get taken back until 1:55. The other part is that the late arrival kept having episodes of "I'm trapped in a tube!!!11!!", which made them restart his test OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN.

Also, they gave me noise reducing headphones, but didn't have the ones that play music, so I had no escape during the whole uncomfortable ordeal.

And so I and Wifey finally returned home after my parents took us on a quick trip to Costco (but we didn't do much shopping because my father had limited trunk space and there are no places right now on our street to park that are not filled with giant piles of ice or random pieces of furniture. So Larry and I are going shopping after rehearsal tomorrow.

But then, just as we get home and try to start unwinding/dulling the pain, Wifey gets a phone call from Momm-o in law. Nothing major, mind you, just that she had a mini stroke and is in the hospital ER waiting to be admitted.

Parents are gone, no one is around, I can't drive, and Wifey just took some pain pills and needs to lie down because she (like me) got almost no sleep last night.

Pardon my coarse language, but yah-fucking-hoo.

Larry is on the way home to come get Wifey, take her to Momm-o in law's apartment to get her some personal items, then take her to the hospital to see Momm-o and get her valuables. Next we have to figure out tomorrow. But just in case we needed the reminder, we have to take care of today first.

Take care, y'all.

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