Monday, May 17, 2010

Today's Mood Is...

I was a little worried today. I thought I might have been "Milton-ed". As you learned a couple of posts ago, I am back to work now. I am still getting into the swing of things after this long, arduous trek through healthcare hell, and this past Friday I had to leave work early after my body decided that it wasn't happy with the situation as it stood. No problem. Even though I am still not driving, my boss saw that I was not feeling too good and sent me on my way with a coworker (Gaza Strip Club to be exact) giving me a ride back to Wifey.

Friday was also payday, but it is common practice to keep the check of anyone who is out on payday locked up until their next shift. Pretty standard for most companies, I would think. The only problem is, when they went to look for mine, it wasn't there.

If they had moved my desk to the basement and skipped me during an office-wide birthday party, I would not have been more surprised than I was by this development.

The snafu was solved quickly enough (someone had forgotten to cross an "I" and dot a "T" on the paperwork to put me back on the payroll) and I got my check before lunch. But for a brief moment there, I was a little concerned.

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