Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today's Mood Is...

I have had my fill of homespun "aw shucks" homilies and sayings that you expect to hear in a badly stereotypical characterization of "Southern Life". Doo Wop has been spouting the Asian Mustard Lady classic "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" approximately every 27 seconds, and to add to it Gramma Mabley just uttered (about a person she was just on the phone with) "She's out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and didn't even pack a snack".

Not only do I not know what the hell that is supposed to mean (if you are going out for a meal you wouldn't pack a snack. Going out for 3 meals makes snack packing even more unlikely), but she has said it 3 times now, each time a little louder, waiting for someone to acknowledge both the accuracy of her assessment AND the validity of her incredulity over it.

I'm beginning to think that I'd get more job satisfaction out of being a commisioned pork salesman in Dubai.

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