Wednesday, November 09, 2005

REAL quick hit

I hve to post this, it is cracking me up. Asian and I got into a verbal disagreement on Monday. Details are kind of boring. Maybe I will post them later, maybe not. Either way, as a result of the disagreement, I stated I am not going to speak anymore, because whenever I do it comes back on me, and I am tired of games. I will be cordial, and speak when spoken to, and I will be polite. But I am not joking around any more, because it isn't worth the heartburn. Well, today she made a point of coming into the office and saying hello to people by name, omitting my name. It didn't bother me. The fact that it didn't bother me bothered her it seems. Now I keep seeing her in my peripheral vision staring at me, glowering almost. I feel like one of us is going to wind up challenging the other to meet in front of the swings after school. It is kind of pathetic. I learned within a couple weeks of working across the row of cubicles from her to ignore her running commentary. "I'm tired". "They hung up on me". Blah blah blah. Not said loud, just verbalized because she needs attention. I am pretty sure that I am the only one in the office who can hear her almost constant updates on her health and well being, as well as the goings on in her business (and WAY too often her personal life). I just turn my music on and drift away.

The hardest part of this whole excursion in inanity is not smiling/laughing when I catch her glaring at me, waiting for me to break, or whatever the hell it is she hopes to accomplish by staring at me while she talks on the phone.

I work in an office of 12 year olds (the two co-workers down here in the basement who are aware of the existence of this blog and have my permission to read it are of course exempt from the age limitation).


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Well thanks Ron for the exemption from the age limitation. However even if you had not said that I would not have been offended. I take pride in not being easily offended unlike some people down in the cellar. As far as Asian is concerned I've learned a long time ago to just ignore her and let her babble on and on if she needs to .Zone the f--- out. And you are right she is very needy for attention. She was never like that before but then again I didn't work with her either.

  2. As always, a highley entertaining post. I especially understand what you meant about Jabber Jaws in your previous post. Fun stuff, gotta love the good old office politics. About posting those pics... (sorry it took me so long to reply) When you are in your posting field writing your post there is actually a little button in the tool bar that looks like a pic. You can click on it and it will let you browse your computer for pics and upload them. It always puts them at the very top of the post you're writing but once it's there you can cut and paste the info anywhere in the post you like. Hope that helps. Keep up the good work, hopefully my lazy streak will end sometime today and I will update as well.