Thursday, February 09, 2006

I am now officially sick of it all

Yeah, I went dark for a while again. But like Jack Bauer, I have risen from the dead to save the world and hopefully get good enough ratings for renewal.

So where do I stand? I know, on my feet, har-de-har-har. But really, it has come down to this: Married life is great so far. The night job is what it is, not really good or bad, just annoying that I have to do it. As far as the day job goes, I am done with it. I am not quitting, because that isn't economically feasible. However, I don't have to pretend that I give a rat's ass about any of it.

As you are probably aware (I think I have mentioned this before), my day job wouldn't exist if the people in the dental office actually did their jobs correctly. That isn't the case, so I have health benefits. With that comes a heaping helping of crap from them. There are probably 4 or 5 people up there that actually like me and understand why I am here. But the vast majority (including the Office Manager and the doctor in charge of the department) openly dislike me and make my being here difficult. The fact that the OM was defined as incompetent by the firm brought in to evaluate the office before my real boss was given the assignment of fixing everything, and she hired me to be the one on point, is testament to what I am dealing with. My real boss helps, but there is only so much that she can do. The fact that the DICK (doctor in charge - the "K" is just because that is what I think of him) decided that instead of reviewing with her what the evaluating firm said and working with her to correct those mistakes he would just keep them from her and allow her to continue on making the same damn incompetent mistakes over and over again is proof that I am in what is basically an unwinnable position. But all of that, I can handle. Besides, in a sick way it makes my job a little easier because my real boss knows that I am in an unwinnable position and tries her best to help me, and when something goes wrong, she sees what part of it is my fault and what part isn't and reacts accordingly. I like a boss who can think rationally. So that isn't the problem. The real problem is where I do my work from, the basement.

Here in the business office is the IT department (over against the far wall, doing what they need to and not being bothered too much by the rabble down here). Everywhere else is some form of medical billing. Accounts receivable for the hospital, pre-authorizations for surgery and physical therapy, Medicare liaisons and the like. And me. Dental. Just me.

I also know I have said in the past that some of the sensibilities down here do not mesh with mine. Nor do I expect everyone to think the same way I think (even if I am right, which I am) or like what I like. Say for instance, taste in music. My tastes are rather eclectic, but while working I try to stay with music that is relatively safe. I like "classic" rock, like REO Speedwagon, Journey and STYX. I enjoy some country, like Hank Williams Jr, Randy Travis, and Rascall Flatts. I also have a love of disco (truth be told, I love pretty much all 70's music. I really think it is some of the best pop music spectrum wise that we have seen), and will listen to ABBA or a mix cd that I burned a while ago. But here is what has me saying "Fuck 'am all" right now. My real boss was upstairs in the dental office and called down to ask me to bring her something, and while we were on the phone she asked me how loud my radio was. I told her I didn't have it on at the time. She said I need to keep it down, because a couple of people had complained to her about it. Now let's look at this.

1) NO ONE has come to me and asked me to turn it down. The last time I checked, this wasn't 8th grade. Speak to me adult to adult instead of going to the principal.

2) I am subjected to listening to THEIR music (as well as their watching the news while they cluck back and forth about how horrible it all is). I am not against Gospel music, but it is not what I choose to listen to. And yet every day I am inundated with hosannas and holy holy holies. Not to mention online keyboard (piano) lessons (!) and anything else anyone else chooses. I have not once complained to their bosses, nor have I to them. It is (to me) one of the things that you have to deal with when you work in a cubicle. A necessary evil. And yet "Don't Stop Believin' " is so offensive to their sensitive constitutions that they feel the need to go directly to my boss to file a complaint, without speaking to me?

To tell you the truth, it is just giving me extra motivation to get the hell out of here and find a new job. I get paid jack shit and all I get from this place is heartburn and tension headaches. I cannot believe that I am saying this, but it is easier to deal with JabberJaws than this. Her I can block out and grunt one syllable answers to when she starts talking to me directly. But this is going beyond the pale.

And in case anyone wants an update, I have not yet killed JJ. So far I can still run for President. And since she won't be in again this week and is off all of next week, I will get a chance to recharge my batteries before having to deal with her again. So anybody who had the over/under of the end of January, you have lost money (and to my friend the former Ms. Weird, that means you. Yes I am back. I seem to go in fits and spurts on this thing, so you can probably expect a number of posts over the next couple of weeks. And then...back to my Special Ops coversion I suppose. Just remember, you have awoken the sleeping giant, so be prepared for the consequences).

I think I will post some silly pictures so I am not a complete downer. I know when I get all morose and bitchy it doesn't make for a gigglefest of reading, and I don't think you come here for my malaise. Except for the masochistic bastards who feed off of that sort of thing. You know who you are, you pain vampires.

"I will miss you most of all Scarecrow. Now go protect my fucking corn!"

-Dorothy's original line before she got into the hot air balloon. It was thought to be incongruous with the rest of the story and was cut.


  1. Welcome back! And with such style... I'm sorry to hear I've lost money over your killing JJ... but hey... Ron For President! lol I'm prepared to handle having woken the sleeping giant, and even when you bitch I still have a gigglefest so... yeah keep it up!

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    WOW I wonder how much of that 'they have complaining thing' your boss actually made up. I don't know but it is infantile. I have a sneaky feeling who it was (Cellar Dwellar Leader of the Business Office Lady).