Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Today's Mood Is...

So, this is my last night with 10 toes.

The latest health rigamarole is an infection I got in my foot that has apparently spread into the bone of my left big toe. After 3 hospital stays in 2 different hospitals (for my MD peeps, if you have to go to a hospital for anything other than an outpatient procedure, I am going to recommend Mercy over UMMC, if only for the food. The food at Mercy was actually pretty darn decent, and they even give you real plates and silverware! Those Sisters of Mercy know how to treat an invalid!), and one surgery already, I am now going in to lose about 4 ounces of weight the easy way. While unconscious!

I am okay with the whole thing, really. And to tell you the truth, I am kind of surprised at how unbothered I am by the whole thing. Wifey is making me my last meal as a whole person. She is making me wings and fries, and we might order cheesesteaks. Of course, since I am not going to be in any mood to cook this weekend (and even though my Mom is bringing over some homemade soup!!!), maybe we will hold off on the cheesesteaks for Saturday or Sunday (NFL playoffs ALL WEEKEND!!).

After this, the next step will be physical therapy so I can re-learn how to walk once I am no longer whole. And then, I begin training for the marathon.

The marathon of the Golden Corral chow line on bacon wrapped steak night.


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  1. Yo! I had all my surgeries at Mercy and have to agree its the place to be and I wish you luck my soon to be nine toed friend.