Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today's Mood Is...

So Nurse McConaughey stopped by today, as he does every day (his real name is Adam, but on his first visit he actually said "all right all right" in response to my answer to one of his questions, and his fate was sealed). This morning the wound vacuum arrived. This thing is now attached to my foot, on top of the hole which is where my toe used to be. It applies negative pressure, sucking out any fluid / drainage and causing the wound to close up from the bottom up, encouraging new, healthy tissue growth. At least, that is how Cowabunga McBongo Nurse explained it to me. Also (judging it from his reaction when he opened the box and saw the brand / unit and his subsequent chatter whilst he unpacked my device) it is a top of the line, most respected and fasted working wound vacuum out of the multitude of options available (not being a connoisseur of wound vacuums I will take him at his word).

The whole thing is more than a little off-putting, to tell you the truth. I am glad for anything that makes all of this go away faster (30-40% faster according to Surfer Nurse), and gets me closer to getting the skin graft that will close this chapter of my life (and this extraneous hole on my body), but listening to this thing going is annoying, and...


...watching the fluid run through the hose is not leading me to want to run to the kitchen for din-din.

I am trying to keep myself in as good of spirits as possible. I am really looking forward to Drop Three rehearsal this Saturday, as it will be the first "normal" thing I have done in quite a long time. And there is a Ravens playoff game Saturday night, so that should make for a fun day (and hopefully evening). Hopefully I will be able to grasp the concept of dinner before I have to take my meds again (the meds on an empty stomach = bad moons rising). Cross your fingers, y'all.

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