Friday, June 25, 2010

Today's Mood Is...

It is an interesting phenomenon (and by "interesting" I mean "something that is rattling around in my brain that I need to share with whomever feels like reading this") here in Purgatory that because one of the Brothers Chinn has a workspace in our semi-cubicle space (the other one has a private office, TYVM), whenever he is here (which varies by day dependent on weather as it pertains to the ability to golf), anyone on the phone makes it VERY APPARENT that they are working. This involves any number of possible happenings, including

  • keeping the phone on speaker so that EVERYONE can hear the voice prompt system and the ensuing hold music / helpful hints from Aetna, the insurance that cares (for the sake of this entry, anything in italics is sarcasm and/or bullshite)
  • placing the phone to your ear, but instead of using the option of keying in your selection when prompted, you instead speak loudly and with as much exasperation as you can possibly squeeze through your voicebox. So you hear "Claa-aims", and "Pro-VI-der"
  • and as soon as you are done on the phone, immediately telling everyone how difficult the call was by talking loudly to yourself, like an angry homeless person "The next time I ask you to look up a claim you are gonna DO IT, Jack!", and the like.
Now since I am sitting at my desk posting this, it should be obvious that Golfer Chinn is off to the races, or wherever he decided he needed to be. Golfer has 3 distinct modes of dress. If he is in "dress" clothes (usually w/out the tie while he is in here, but put on in the truck before he leaves) he is going to some kind of meeting and needs to look all PRO-fessional. Casual dress (the man does love a polo shirt) usually means golf or in and out throughout the day. Then there is today's dress. In this case it was t-shirt, jeans, and sandals. He has been known to rock the shorts, both with and w/out the ability to haul cargo as well. These are wildcard days. He might be here all day, he might be here 20 minutes, he might be in a joking mood and have fun, he might be in super serious mode and if you're smart you'll keep your nose to that proverbial grindstone. He was in for about 45 minutes to an hour today. He could be back at any time. But since Private Office Chinn hasn't come in at all today, there is a very good chance that it is clear sailing for the slackers for the remainder of the shift.

And I am completely okay with that.

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