Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad...

Few things if any are either ALL good or ALL bad. Most things have some kind of balance of the two. Take today, for instance. Big Jim Chinn (GolferChinn), along with Eddie "I'm impossible to nickname" the floor supervisor AND Gaza Strip Club are all at a big meeting. From the sounds of things, they will not be back for a while. And that comes with both positives and negatives.

For instance, it is a lot more relaxed in here. And except for when I am ignoring my workload by posting random blog entries, I can get work done in peace. However, The Henns (I am adding an extra "n" in their name to differentiate them from the Kernan Hens, and because this office has the Chinns it works as a theme) also have more freedom to cluck and gossip while there is no immediate oversight keeping them at bay. And to make it worse, two of the Henns like to sing and/or hum. Loudly. To no particular tune (in the case of the humming, that is). And that is detracting from my "Work Safe Music" on iTunes that I have playing at an acceptable work volume.


It looks like Journey's Greatest Hits is going to get a bump in volume. Which is cool, because Journey is AWESOME!


  1. pulled up their discography looking for some good puns beyond the easy ones and, wow, I'm going to have to reacquire me some Journey music. good call my good man, good call!

  2. Remind me and I'll burn the Greatest Hits CD for ye.