Monday, September 27, 2010

Today's Bright and Early on a Monday Morning Mood Is...

with a side of...

There is someone who works here that I have previously, to the best of my knowledge, named. Mainly because she is hardly ever actually in the office because she is a field rep. But pretty much any time she is in the office, my life gets exponentially more difficult.

You see, I understand that different people have different levels of intelligence. I do not blame someone because they cannot understand something. But when someone is willfully ignorant, it really pisses me off. And when they take pride in their ignorance, well...

Chris understands.

So the field rep comes in this morning to grab some paperwork before she heads out on the road to do whatever the hell it is she does out there, and while she is sitting at her cubiclette, she is asking about a patient that she has to see. And THAT is when she said "She be where at?"




So, basically, I work with Ghetto Yoda.

And THAT is how a name is created.

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