Friday, October 01, 2010

English for the English impaired

As always, an actual transcript of conversation here in Purgatory...

"That girl is a hellion."

"What's a hellion?"

"You's off the chain."

"Oh (nods understandingly)."

How are we supposed to make the English language the official language of America when the denizens of the country can't get the simple parts down? I mean. use context, people! When Doo Wop is talking (as she OFTEN is) about her granddaughter, and this particular story (which she is now telling for the 3rd time in succession) involves said granddaughter sassing back to Doo Wop, followed by "that little girl is a hellion, let me tell you"...

The word "hell" is right in the damn word! She is talking about the child acting up! CONTEXT tells you at least the gist of the word!!!!!

Come on heretofore unknown rich distant relative who always liked me best, but from afar...

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