Friday, March 24, 2006

My diet is killing the economy

It's true. This afternoon, while driving up (up = north) Belair Road, I passed the Krispy Kreme. Now anyone who is anyone knows that Krispy Kreme is the nirvana of doughnuts. That is an undisputable fact, one of the very tenets of existence. But still, since I am diabetic, I can't go having doughnuts all the time. It's bad for my life expentancy. And because of that (and because I am in need of dropping a few pounds, say the amount of your average 10 year old), I gave up sweets for Lent. And to make it a little better for me, I gave them up a few weeks before Lent started. I still want some once in a while, but the cravings have subsided quite a bit. Life is funny that way.

But more to the point, as I drove past said pocket of perfection in this otherwise often drab and dreary world, I noticed that the building looked a little different. Then I realized that it is because all of the signage on the building and in the street were missing. And THAT is when I realized that the Krispy Kreme had shuttered it's doors and was no longer in operation. And I cannot help but feel at least partially responsible for that. Maybe if I had gone in there sometime in the last month or so (assuming it was still open then), I could have bought a dozen originals and a few extra of the Cinnamon Buns (which could very well be the greatest food ever invented, and is definitely in the Pantheon of Finest Doughnuts, up there with the Boston Kreme from Dunkin Donuts and the marshmallow filled doughnut from 3B's bakery in Pasadena MD, on Ft. Smallwood Road, right across from Northeast High School and the Public Library. And no, I am not getting any compensation from them, but that doughnut was frickin' awesome man. Believe me), maybe I could have increased their profit margin enough to allow them to continue to serve the general population. All I know is I better lose a lot of damn weight now in order to make it all worthwhile. To think that I may have robbed an entire community of Krispy Kreme and not have anything to show for it would truly be heartbreaking.

And one other final quick update before I wander downstairs to take a shower and go to bed. On Tuesday I found out that JJ either was not mad at me, or that she cannot hold a grudge if it means not talking to someone with every damn breath she takes in that cheating Death body of hers. It was probably too good to be true. Part of me (a VERY small part) is glad that I have not caused any major issue in the basement (although why should THIS week have been any different), but a much bigger part of me was sitting there Tuesday thinking that Psycho (she gave herself that name, and if not, well, its too good of a name to not have SOMEBODY using it, and I am hoping she is a good enough sport to allow me to call her that. If you are not sure who I am talking about, just look at my links to your right. Her new blog is really a fascinating read, especially from a psychological and socialogical standpoint. Being able to watch someone go through the dating process and be that open about their experiences, joys and fears is truly magnificent. Please check it out), well Psycho may have been right about the whole "just keep pissing her off enough to keep her from talking to you, but not so much that she causes problems for you" concept. But since I have never been known for my ability to use moderation, I would probably take it too far within about 2 weeks and next thing you know I am in the Principal's Office. And that would be the suck.

I think that should cover me for now, but I promise to return as soon as possible (read: hopefully before my long weekend). By the way, I should tell you that Belle is taking me to Maine for the weekend of my birthday. I get to visit old friends and spend some quality time with my wife, and also get to get away from works and responsibilities for a few days. And we are going up there on a train! I've never been on a train before, so that should be cool. Currently I am trying to convince Belle to join the Ground Level Club with me, if you know what I mean.

And if you don't, well, let me put it in clinical terms. I wanna fornicate with my wife on a train. Or to put it in terms that most of my readers would understand, I wanna bang my wife on the train. Yeah dude! Totally score!

And now I am unclean.


  1. Awww thanks for the nice compliments about my blog... and it's ok that you call me Psycho...I am one :-D Have fun in on your long weekend... I hope you get to do the horizontal tango with your wife on the train ;-)

  2. w00t! go Ron! (encouragement aimed both at weightloss and attempted coitus on the rails)

    i remember that krispy kreme when it first opened. once when coming down (down=south) b'lair road i crested the hill and nearly rear-ended the line of folks going into the parking lot lit by the "Hot Doughnuts Now!" sign.

  3. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Are you serious?

  4. I discovered Krispy Kremes quite by accident, while I was in London.

    Now I'm hooked. And only a few places do them in England...