Thursday, May 11, 2006

Moving On/Locking and Loading

No, I am still not fully over Leo. I probably won't be for a while. But that doesn't mean that life stops. Wednesday nights are trivia night, I meet some friends at a bar/resteraunt in Timonium. Not the trivia with the board and the tv screens, but a dj asking questions and teams playing...its a lot of fun. We are competitive, but we go to have fun and hang out and hopefully win some house cash. Well, I went last night. I wanted to go and laugh. Of course, poor Long Arm (I am pretty sure I have mentioned him, and I might have given him a different name. I can't keep track anymore. He's my lawyer friend) sees the number written on my hand and starts kidding me about scoring some digits, and does the wife know. Well, the number on my hand is the number for the vet. When I called 411 Tuesday night, I didn't have paper, so I used what was available (isn't it weird how even in the middle of this and trying to deal with finding a dead pet in the middle of the floor, I had the thought that I wasn't going to pay 50 cents to have them autodial the number for me? How much of a flippin cheapskate can I be? Cat dead? Grieving? Check and check. Let the phone company connect me to the vet for a little more than the cost of a pay phone call? SCREW YOU BASTARDS!!!

Anyway, I told him what the number was, and he couldn't have felt worse. If this had been a Looney Tunes cartoon, he would have started shrinking or would have turned to the camera and held up a picture of a donkey and an arrow pointing at himself. I felt bad for him. I told him don't worry about it, but you could tell he felt awkward. Luckily for him, another guy on the team looked at my hand and started teasing me about scoring some digits. I just made a joke back at him and looked back at Long Arm and changed the subject. It wasn't long before we were into the game and joking around and generally having fun. I still think about him from time to time, but I am not going to build a shrine or anything. Not yet anyway.

Okay, now on to the business at hand. JJ is going to be in our midst for two weeks STRAIGHT. Yup, 11 working days. And while there are 2 weekends built in to offer the briefest of respites from her, they re fleeting compared to the hell that will be ensuing. Although she apparently isn't coming in tomorrow. So it's almost like a 3 day weekend for me. But, I know that my patience is going to be sorely tested. Anyone who hasn't bet on Psycho's over/under for when I pick her off Oswald style had better get their bets in now, because there is a good chance that if it is going to happen, it will happen before the end of May.

Now when she is here, I usually go into shut down mode, not really talking or looking up from my computer. I could be working or playing Freecell, I look really damn busy while she is sitting across from me. After two days, my jaw actually is slightly sore from the clenching I have been doing. In fact, twice in the time it took to type hat sentence, I had to force myself to relax my jaw. So it might be sanity at the cost of a couple of molars. I guess that is a valid trade-off. I did find out that she and her husband were discussing ways to get over sleep ailments (thank GOD she was walking away and I didn't actually have to hear her "cure". I don't know that I have the constitution to handle that). Also, it seems she needs to do some shopping for summer pants. The ones from last year just aren't fitting like they were then. Is it too late to warn you of disturbing mental images possible? Yup. Sorry.

Sorry, my jaw was locking up again.

I warned the Wonder Twins not to encourage her, and at least one of the Hens was saying the same thing to Jamaica at one point. It is going to be a FUN 2 weeks.

I need to prep for werk part deux, so I am gonna wrap this up now. But let me tell you real quick about the link. All you need to do is go to the photo and right click on it as if you were going to save it, and see the name the photo was given. If you don't laugh (unless they change it), you probably aren't the kind of person I want to have a beer with. Unless you are buying.



  1. Who killed JJ?

    It was BSR
    In the cubical
    With a staple remover...

    I'd like to place a new bet that it only takes 4 days... five if your molars can hold out.

    BTW us mac users can't "right click" on the photo.... what's the story?

  2. 1) sorry about Leo :(
    2) did the name of the pic change or am i more dense than usual about sports?
    3) sorry about Leo :( cats rock.

  3. it was named "douche". Now THAT is comedy.