Friday, November 23, 2007

Now that I got THAT out of the way

I am just not in a great mood today. I am loathing going into Bullseye Inc. more than usual today because of "Black Friday" (ooooooohhhhh).

---BTW - Black Friday is named that not because of the horror that it brings on store employees and parking garages around the country, but because it is usually at this day that the store's operating costs for the year have been met, and the rest of the year is profit. Of course that is not how the accounting is done, but if one were to take all the things a store has to pay for per year (product, payroll, electricity, rent, etc.) and total up how much they pay for the entire year, it would take them until about this day to make enough money to pay for all of that, and from here on out until January 1st it would be all profit for the owner / shareholders. And now you know...

I just am not in the mindset of putting up with these asshats and all the crap that will entail. Checking the receipts on stuff and being accused of being racist or of profiling or just plain annoying because I have the nerve to ask to see proof that you purchased that 50 inch plasma TV. Because no one would ever attempt to steal something as inconsequential as that.

Asshats. ALL of them are asshats.

BSR= Grumpy Old Man (but if I have any luck I will be Burgess Meredith. He got all the good lines).

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  1. Don't know about Bullseye but the local Buy More had about jack worth standing in line for this year.

    At least, that's what I currently believe and as there's no money to have bought anything please don't anyone burst my bubble.

    BSR, may the econo size asshat repellent I found in the bargain bin at Sunny's get to you before you go -snip- on someone.