Friday, November 02, 2007

"I'm Pissed Now"

It is Friday. I am giddy at the prospect of not hearing an alarm clock at 6 AM for two whole days. I am giddy for other reasons, but those will have to remain between myself and my giddyness (giddiness? Giddyup? What-the-hell-ever). But this made me chortle, and almost spit coffee on my work computer. They frown on that.


  1. BSR and the Pursuit of Giddyness, coming soon to the silver screen!

    What, that's not funny? I blame the writer's strike.

  2. No, that was funny. And if the strike keeps up, it might make it past the treatment stage.

    The thing is, one of the best parts for me is when he goes to take off his shirt and (for lack of a better term) misses.