Thursday, February 14, 2008

I cannot make this kind of crap up

Once again I do not know from where the topic came, but JJ and the Hens (kinda like Josie and The Pussycats, only old and wrinkly and not at all hittable - and yes I consider both the live action stars and the cartoon characters on which they were based hittable) are talking about some 16 year old that killed his parents, then his brothers and sisters. That is nothing but tragic, no matter the circumstances. But the thing that made me mention this morbid topic is that they were all saying "I can see killing the parents, but why the brothers and sisters? What did they do?"

So matricide and patricide is cool, but not offing your brother? How very Greek tragedy of them. I hope none of them named their kids "Antigone".

And if anyone reading this just pronounced that "anti gone", as in the opposite of "pro stay", PLEASE look it up.


I don't know if I am more disturbed by the crime or the tacit approval of parent killing around here.

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