Saturday, February 02, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

I know I keep promising to you a big sweeping update on all things BSR, but now is not the time. Literally, since this time I didn't change the post time to make it the last one for the day. However, a proposed law banning resteraunts from serving obese people is something I have to share before I go pass out for the evening.
I know that resteraunts are living through the smoking ban, but except for buffets, I fail to see how this could lead to anything but financial ruin for the dining industry. And what do you do for drive thrus? What if the lardass is in the passenger seat (this could lead to record profits for Checkers and a much longer line at the right side drive thru)? Would this lead to fatties standing outside of McDonalds, begging skinny people to go in and buy them a Double Quarter Pounder like 16 year olds in front of a liquor store? Or would it lead to a massive increase in frozen White Castle being bought in grocery stores? It boggles the fat mind.
Dammit, now I am hungry.

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