Friday, August 08, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

The Olympics start today (in fact they have already started. We just won't get to see them until tonight. Well, YOU will be able to see them tonight. I will be at Bullseye Inc. protecting assets and asses. Not necessarily in that order). I could honestly care less. In fact, if I have time today or tomorrow, I am going to opine on the Olympics over on the sports blog. It is time for my monthly article / promise to post more regularly from now on piece.

I would like to welcome Shortschitt back to the fold. It has been a while, and I know we all missed her. And while I am here I would like to respond to her comment (refer to the comments on the Dark Knight Pizza piece for more information and the link to her reference to my reference - oh great I've gone cross-eyed).

I am not and never will be an apologist for a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate, but I will say that my personal experiences with McDonalds' Iced Coffee has never been negative as far as quality of beverage. The staff, however, is another story...

At this point in my life I should know that 16 year olds working their first job and earning minimum wage are not going to be proficient in ironic conversation and do not comprehend straight faced commentary. And this is not saying that the teens are stupid, but I think that when they walk in the door to work their brains shut off in a form of self preservation. I truly believe that if someone worked at McDonalds (management excluded, for reasons that will be explained in a moment) and really tried to apply their brains to that mind numbing job that the brain would in fact consume itself in a misguided attempt to save itself, or at least have an honorable death. Managers are forced to think, and most do a good job. But I do believe that you adapt to your environment, and if you work in a place with pictures of the food on a touch screen menu in order to place an order for mass produced food that comes in semi colorful packaging that varies from product to product in order to further ease confusion and dull the need to recognize and discern minor differences and is prepared by other drones who follow picture maps of how to prepare the food in order to get it to you as quickly as possible with no real regards to quality leads these young, impressionable, still not fully developed minds to slip into apathy / drone mode. At that point, my silly little off hand remark lands on the floor in front of them like a dropped scoop of whipped potatoes on your tray at the school cafetorium.

So anyway, I have enjoyed the flavor and texture of McDonalds Iced Coffee (I honestly do not know why I capitalized iced coffee both times I put it directly after McDonalds. Mayhap my own reprogramming is coming along nicely. Thanks 5th Avenue!). I think it is possible that in the last year that they have improved the formula / ratio, or maybe Shorty got a bad cup. Either way, I hope she will give them another chance.

And now I want an iced coffee and a Quarter Pounder. And maybe some McNuggets. Damitall.


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  1. *curtsy*

    Thanks for the shout-out! :o)

    On the topic of Mick's... our small town has one in which they apparently only hire either former special ed students OR pimply teenagers OR immigrants from all over the world with really thick accents.

    None of that was to be unkind... it is quite literally TRUE.

    But, I am willing to concede that their iced coffee is not ALWAYS gag-o-rific!! :o)