Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Just in case you didn't have enough reasons to hate NAFTA...
I had a meeting with one of the bosses here at the many headed hydra of Moleville. It is the boss that I actually like. The one that actually hired me. The one that is leaving in two weeks to go work for her old boss (the one who was her boss here when I was hired, making him my old boss, too...oh the hell with it, you know what I mean here). It seems that my job is being "outsourced" (I can only assume to India or Pakistan, because that is where all the outsourced jobs seem to go). So sometime within the next month or so, after the "transition period" I will be down to one job. Of course, that will not make the mortgage company or the credit card issuer happy. So I am now officially job hunting.
I have been told that there are possibilities within the company, as well as externally (and they said that they would be assisting me with my job search be it internally or externally, including paying me to go on job interviews with outside companies. As my grandfather was wont to say, ain't that awfully white of 'em).
The bad part is that my soon to be former boss is feeling horrible about this. The hospital has decided to use her as the impetus for screwing over the staff, saying that her "following her wonderful new career opportunity" is the reason for all of this. Now it is true that they would not have dared to do this if she was staying here. she had too much clout. But this place (hell the entire overall operation for this named after the state university medical system) has been bleeding out trying to cut corners for the last 6-9 months. They actually hired a guy to look at cost effectiveness, who figured out that if they remove something like 2 trashcans per floor the hospital will save $5000 or some insane figure like that (because of less money spent on trashcan liners and less man hours emptying the cans and relining them and so forth). I am not saying that it isn't true, but if you as an organization have gotten to the point that you are talking about eliminating two trashcans, well, maybe you should look at some of your other business practices first. Maybe you could have not spent thousands of dollars putting in those battery powered paper towel dispensers (and added the cost of replacing the batteries) when the manual "pull the towel out of the dispenser with your hands" dispenser was working just fine. Especially since you have to keep refilling the old dispenser because the new one is too high for anyone in a wheelchair or otherwise disabled to use, AND YOU ARE A DAMN REHAB HOSPITAL WHERE THE MAJORITY OF YOUR PATIENTS ARE IN A DAMN WHEELCHAIR!!!!!!!
Sorry, I was attacked by logic. And logic will not be silenced.
So, if any of you are hiring, or know someone who is, let me know. I might just be very interested.
And don't you worry, I am sure that as my time here grows shorter I will get snarkier, and mayhap I will even start revealing names and numbers!
What have I got to lose?

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