Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting reminded of things

I am AT Bullseye Inc. right now (I am not supposed to have access to teh intarwebs, but one of the managers left their log in on the computer so I am abusing my privileges right now. Deal with it Corporate Overlords!). I just ran into an old college friend,who I decided I would still talk to even if he DID have on a Redskins hat. The reason I am giving him this mulligan is that he had the "R" covered up by a big pink button that said "It's a GIRL!".

Yup, he just became a Daddy. Again. For the second time.

For THAT I am willing to forgive a lot of bad team apparel choices.

The thing that got me is, I took him over to the MEGA-OVER-LORD COFFEE COMPANY (3 guesses which company THAT is) while he was waiting for his pictures of the newly swaddled one to be developed, and as we talked about the college chums we had spoken to recently and what was happening in THEIR lives, and what was happening in ours...well I suddenly had a flash of him and I taking turns on an ice flume shot pourer (A block of ice with a channel carved in it, tilted at an angle, with someone standing at the top end pouring shots down the channel towards the awaiting mouth of the person at the bottom end. The person at the bottom drinks the now ice cold shot and then tries to rub the frostbite off of their chin. I guess we weren't as concerned with germs back then), passing a bottle of bourbon back and forth while standing outside smoking cigarettes, and 10 other stupid irresponsible things that we did while stupid, irresponsible college students. Now he is a father two times over, while Wifey and I have had preliminary discussions on starting our own brood. And it felt natural.

Yes, I know...the Circle of Life and all that crap. But this one was a little different. I always expected Fineous to be a daddy, and a damn good one at that. The friends of mine that have had kids are all ones that I could see being parents. Even me, I have always planned on having a family (even though until I met Wifey I thought it was going to have to be due to a hostage situation or some kind of bizarre poker bet). And I am not saying that this guy isn't a good dad. Knowing him I can see him being that father that everyone thinks I will be (no pressure there, buddy). But it just hits home when you don't see someone for a few years, a person you last saw saying "WHOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!" while laying in a field at 3 in the morning, and now he in the office manager for a local business and a husband and a father. He and I went from talking about tits and ass to talking about Disneyland vacations and tax shelters.

And that's cool. In a very "it wouldn't have been cool 10 years ago" kind of way.

Damn adulthood.

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