Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

So Crazy Train is at it again.  Apparently she is having some medical issue.  At first she thought it was a zit, but now she doesn't.  So she is going to see a dermatologist.  I wholeheartedly agree with her choice.

However, she wants to make sure that EVERYONE in the office knows about her condition.  For instance, she has been talking about it (loudly) to the person right next to her for a while, so that we can all hear her.  For the most part everyone turned their heads enough to acknowledge that she was speaking, which to her was tacit knowledge of her plight.  But it seems my choice of ignoring the whining bitch was not going to be effective.  She made an appointment with the doctor (something else she made sure we were all aware of), then after 3 minutes of staring at me while she was talking to someone else (I could see her in my periphery), she came up to me and asked me to Mapquest directions to this doctor's office.  

Now it is pretty obvious that if someone knows what Mapquest is enough to make the word a verb, they have at least a passing knowledge of the rudimentary workings of the sight and could look it up their damn selves.  But that is not enough for the Train...

No, she needs to come right up on me and ask ME to Mapquest the address for her, and as I am looking it up (knowing that any untoward glance of "Are you fragging serious?" would cause a meltdown of global proportions, and I just got this sweater I am wearing the other day, so I don't want it ruined by crocodile tears), she begins to regale ME with the story of the little pimple that could (be something else).  I know she talked the entire time, but except for the fact that she thought it was stress related (at first), and that it somehow involves a C-Pap (I have NO idea what that is or why it is or what it does, but it sounds like something that happens in stirrups - not the Roy Rogers kind of stirrups, mind you - and I do not want to think of / deal with her feminine issues.  That is FAR beyond my realm of needing to know / giving a shit).

I just keep telling myself it is a short week (I am back on Friday, but I get that nice break on Thursday) and drinking my coffee.  Hopefully it will be enough to stop the rising Zombie Apocalypse level of vitriol in my veins.



  1. You should keep a vial of hydrochloric acid in your desk for these situations. Clear that zit thing up straight away.

  2. C-Pap is a type of breathing apparatus used during sleep, I believe