Thursday, June 25, 2009


It has been a long week here in the world of BSR. I am (hopefully) in the final stages of re-financing the house (and knocking a decade or so off of the mortgage), Drop Three is busy prepping for Artscape, and then there is the usual litany of day to day annoyances that always pop up, no matter who you are.

I am pretty sure that I have mentioned in the past that Wifey and I "talk" during the day by way of instant messenger. Otherwise we would probably go days without any real conversation of any kind with the way our schedules overlap.

I will acknowledge that the written word is often harder to translate than the spoken word. Especially the intent behind the words. Wifey and I have taken great pains to make sure we express ourselves face to face when we have an issue with one another, so that the intention behind the words is not lost or mistranslated.

However, when things are going well, you get things like this (IM names changed to protect the "innocent"...

Wifey: You are silly!

Me: l am punchy

Wifey: So am I!

Wifey: But mine is from lack of sleep, not crazy.

Me: then go back to sleep

Me: as is mine

Wifey: Your's is too, but you have an added layer of crazy.

Me: nope

Wifey: Nope, I'm getting CRABS!

Me: mine is all from lack of sleep

Obviously, I was typing my last post as Wifey was dropping THAT particular bombshell on me. Now in her defense, she posted THIS a moment later...

Wifey: Mom is bringing CRABS AND BEER!

But still, knowing that I am a bit bushed, don't you think there is a better way that could have been stated originally? That is NOT what you want to hear what your spouse (or any intimate partner) say to you.

Qualifiers at the BEGINNING of the declaration from now on, please!

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