Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Open Letter To Blue Diamond Almonds

I understand that 15 seconds does not allow one to fully explore the subtleties of suggestive advertising, so in that vein if you want to go right for the obvious and show nuts flying in some moderately attractive woman's mouth you go right ahead. It is apparent that she loves when large black men share their nuts for her to put in her mouth, and I applaud you for your unflinching support of interracial relationships (even if the doing it in public, on the jumbotron no less, is a bit too kinky for Middle America. So you might want to keep this commercial strictly on an East Coast / West Coast rotation). But from a heterosexual male standpoint (and I only speak for me, but I am pretty sure that many others would feel the same way), her staring at it crosseyed as it flies in there is a bit off-putting.

Jus' sayin.


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