Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Open Letter To Karen The Surgery Scheduling Lady

Dear Karen,

I know that you do not have an enviable job. Basically your job's raison d'etre is to let people know that they are going to be made unconscious while a guy in a mask cuts them open and modifies their body in a way that had not been planned by God. That cannot be easy. So I admire your ability to sound pleasant to the point of cheerful / chipper when talking to people on the phone.

But I need to ask you a big favor. When talking to cynical bastards like me, especially when calling to tell them that something isn't going to be covered by their insurance so they are going to have to pay for it up front (granted it's only $40, but dammit that is $40 that has to come out of my booze and bimbos budget!), tone it down a bit. If saying "okay" takes more than 5 seconds and/or travels more than 2 octaves upwards in range from the "Oh" to that "kay", you're going too far. You have a nice lilt to your voice. Use it sparingly. Please.

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