Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Enough With The Damn Suspense Already

Okay, here goes...

After an 8+ year run, the Early Monday Morning Show is going to be no more. At least as far as live shows go. We will still be around, working on new and exciting projects. But stage will be ending as of this coming June. So why am I still in such a good mood? Because Larry the Upstairs Neighbor and I are not done with live shows, and we aren't going to go it alone. Behold the birth of the latest and soon to be greatest improv/sketch comedy troupe in the history of EVER!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen and Translator Lawyer Robots, I give you...


(Yes, I put the link up twice. Sue me)

...That's right, we are branching off with the full blessing of my comedy life partner and quasi-adopted big brother and starting our own troupe. And I expect all of you that can possibly make it to a show to do so. And when you come to the show, I expect you to laugh. But also, and just as important, I expect all of you to come out to one of EMMS' final shows. You know you want to. Hell, you NEED to. IF you have never seen us, you need to. If it has been awhile, you need to see us again. A bunch of times.

And a special note to Fineous...

I know that you are busy, what with the wife and the job and the baby. But if you are available on October 6th, from 1-5, why don't you come on out to the first ever DROP THREE AUDITIONS!!! Yup, right at the Mobtown Theatre, where EMMS has been performing its magic for the last 5 (or is it 6) years, Drop Three is having auditions. Talent will trump experience, although having both is a nice thing.

If any of the rest of you want to come out, please do. But I want to extend an open, see it in print before the masses request for the Finster. C3PO, we've already talked about this, so you know I want you there too.

Gimme a HELL YEAH!


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    I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor (don't I sound about 85??).

    If I ever travel 5,000 miles for fun... I'll make sure to come see a show! :o)