Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today's Mood Is...

Actually, it's not true. Today was pretty successful, all things considered. I got up and finished the yard work, then poured some drain cleaner down the kitchen sink in order to get that flowing better (oooh, check out the manual laborer). Mix that in with some working from home and general busyness, and today was much more success than fail.

But that picture is TOO DAMN FUNNY.

Right now I am sitting at the computer (WARNING - OBVIOUSNESS ALERT!) at home, waiting for Wifey to come home from shopping (apologies to C3PO the Translator Lawyer Droid for leaving him high and dry without any backup tonight). Wifey had to go shopping to get the remaining pieces for her outfit for the wedding of Lithuanian Lass and the Irish Computer Programmer (or whatever the hell it is that he does. I know he is smart and makes good money. Yet even with all that I still like him. I guess I am growing up after all). She needed shoes and a corset. And right now, all I want is a pre-wedding fashion show. And if I don't get one, you are going to have one very unhappy BSR sulking about the house.

I just went to get a drink, and as I was walking past the front door, Wifey was pulling up. So I am going to wrap this up, but just to make it clear...

I get a show or Wifey gets a cold shoulder to sleep next to.


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