Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today's Mood Is...

I am being held hostage by the Lite FM.

One of the little Mother Cluckers (the Hens. I just wanted to be slightly risque) is currently jamming out to whatever Lite rock station she found on the interwebs.

So far I have been subjected to...

Richard Marx - Hold On To The Night
Lee Ann Rimes - How Can I Live Without You
Chicago - You're the Inspiration
some cover/remake of Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Kenny G - I do not know the name of that one damn song that was popular, but I know I hate it
Luther Vandross - Dance For My Father (Dance With My Father? Whatever the hell the song is they released after he died)

It isn't going to end anytime soon. But I have had my own little modicums of revenge. I made chili last night (I might have mentioned that yesterday, but after 15 posts, I cannot remember any damn thing I put out there). I have been percolating all night and all morning. And this morning I have ripped about 7-8 little stink bombs that I have dropped all around the office, making sure to leave them in enough places that no one can be completely sure who the culprit is. But I know for a fact that my chair is branded now.

Taste my wrath bitches! (and taste my dinner too!)


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