Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today's Mood Is...

Well, I know I set my alarm. It is automatic unless I specifically turn it off. So the alarm went off this morning. However, it had absolutely no effect on my level of consciousness. I know this for a fact because I was still asleep when Wifey (who is currently playing video games and trying to get me to join her in the other room - she has been threatening violence against me for the last hour or so and is currently trying to pop my head like a 14 year old with a zit using her arms as some kind of organic vise - but I am fighting the good fight) woke me up with the question "are you going to work today?". Well, I planned to, but apparently while the spirit was willing the flesh was weak. So here I sit, taking a break from working from home and typing to you, my loyal minions. And I am glad to see that readership is increasing, judging by the number of comments in my 2 week absence from posting. Hi all! A big welcome to For The Defense, who is also known around here as C-3PO the translator lawyer. And I am glad to see Shorty is still alive and well, and Just Me is back from the blogging dead too! Joy all around!
As for Fineous and his request to spill the beans...soon, my friend. Very soon. I will break the news as soon as I know it is economically viable. No later than another week or two tops. Heck Reese my boy, I might even ask you to join in the frivolity that ensues. Curious now, aint'cha?

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  1. Thanks, Ron! :o)

    Missed that sass for a while now! Glad to see that you are alive and well, too!