Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Today's Mood Is...

With a side order of...

...leading me to react thusly...

...which causes THIS reaction...

Yes yes yes. Back in Moleville, back with the Mother Cluckers who must prattle on and on about EVERY DAMN THING THAT FILLS THEIR TINY LITTLE MINDS!!!!!!

While being subjected to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack (specifically Eric Carmen and Patrick Swayze in an ad infinitum loop of nausea-inducing wonderfulness), one of the cluckers has felt the need to tell EVERYBODY who walks in that the new Tyler Perry movie did well this weekend. Of course, she has no information regarding the movie's weekend numbers, she just knows that it did well, and she needs to make sure that everybody else knows that too (I know how easy it would be to look up the numbers. I do not care and will not do it). She is also talking about how Mr. Perry and Janet Jackson were on some program (no idea what), and someone called in and referenced Janet's infamous Nipple Slip/Wardrobe Malfunction. And it seems that to the cluckers that was completely uncalled for. It is in the past, and it was rude to bring it up now. I also learned that if everybody hadn't started talking about it when it happened that it would never have become a big deal because who really saw it?

It was the freaking Super Bowl you moron. On an off year 50 million people in the United States ALONE watch it! Just because your dumb-ass doesn't watch football doesn't mean that the rest of the world doesn't!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about that.

BTW - Currently playing over on the Casey Kasem Long Distance Dedication Channel (which is where ALL of these songs ended up within 6 months of their release) - Crystal Gayle-Brown Eyes Blue

Death is beginning to look like a viable option.

So anyway, along with all of this, the discussion of Patrick Swayze during Eric Carmen (which was begat from "Is that Patrick Swayze?" "No, it's Eric Carmen. But don't you worry, Patrick Swayze is coming up soon. Don't you worry". I am fairly confident that NO ONE IN THE HISTORY OF MAN has ever said "don't you worry, Patrick Swayze is coming up soon". Has their ever been anyone so panicked and in need of a Swayze fix that they had to be soothed and coddled by the thought of his singing voice coming soon, and this actually did calm the person down? Is their a medical term for this? Is it okay if my spine has started to eat my brain in a vainglorious but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to save me from this?), the topic of Patrick Swayze's brother came up. Yes, he has a brother. Yes, it seems that he performs. I have no idea if he has talent on a Michael Penn level or a Frank Stallone level. I DO think that there needs to be some kind of graph for famous sibling talent that has Frank Stallone on one end and Michael Penn on the other, with various reference points in between. Can someone design this for me please? Does anyone have any suggestions on who should be slotted in the middle and where? Or do you think that the top and bottom dogs need to be replaced. Let's talk it out people!!

I digresses a little there...

So, there was talk of the Brother Swayze. And some debate of whether or not he existed. I still don't know the final answer (again, not caring enough to look it up). And THIS is what led us to the MASSIVE discussion on Julia Robert's brother Eric. It seems he was in a movie. You know that one with the gangsters that had that woman in it...

...when it is my mother in law who is trying to describe someone or some movie that way, I will grin and bear it and endeavor to do my best to decipher what the hell she is talking about. That is one of the jobs of a son in law. But when it is an annoying coworker prattling on and on about every DAMN thing, I can only take but so much.

Just so you know, right now we are talking about that famous guy who went out with his girlfriend and was filming a nature special and it seems he got mauled by a bear REAL bad. And now we are wondering what bear is the meanest, be it grizzly, brown, black, or polar. I am pretty sure the answer is Dick Butkus. I am going to start crying now.

I promise you that one day I am coming in with a tape recorder and just taping ALL the inane bullshiat that gets said (and played) around here. I might need to use it as Defense Evidence 1 in my trial.

For the love of God, they aren't shutting up. NOW they are discussing how they don't understand how anyone can go mountain climbing. Well, I am about 15 minutes away from grabbing a pick axe and a rope and heading for the Appalachians myself. And maybe it is the rage over being subjected to this never-ending conversation that I am having to suppress talking, but the main clucker laughs like Barney Rubble. At a higher pitch, but still... Barney fraggin' Rubble. I can't take anymore, I am really about 5 minutes from snapping.

NP - Extreme-More Than Words. My cerebellum just exploded.

Wrapping up now so that I can get the holy hell out of here. I am going to try and update the Sports Blog tomorrow, some football and possibly a little baseball discussion.


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