Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I think you forgot something...

There are certain things that I can understand forgetting and leaving in a cart.
(In case you are unsure, I am referring to Bullseye Inc. and last night's happenings)
I have seen people forget things that they bought and left on the bottom of the cart, like water or laundry detergent. I have seen things that have apparently fallen out of a bag that they didn't notice. I have seen bags forgotten, either in or under a cart, as well as left at the register. But there is one thing I have seen left behind more than a few times, and each time it makes me wonder.
How do you forget your cane?
Wouldn't the fact that you were suddenly keening to the left or right be a hint? Maybe the fact that you are falling over more often than someone on a tricycle in a sketch on Laugh-In?
I mean seriously, we are in the midst of remodeling the store, and we recently moved Guest Services (remember, at Bullseye Inc. you aren't just a customer, you're a guest). We had at least 8 canes that had been left behind and never claimed. We have added 2 more since. One of those was added last night.
When Wifey had surgery on her knee, I grabbed a cane for her from the collection to use when she was past crutches but not quite ready to go solo all the way. No one noticed that one of the canes was missing. They still haven't noticed.
I am going to move the outside cameras to cover more of the handicapped parking, so I can have video of old people falling down. It might be worth something someday.

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