Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

I have mentioned in the past how I dislike when people use sex as an excuse. In this case I am referring to the water cooler and the fact that someone used the last of the bottle. The Hens started clucking about needing me to change the bottle, how they need that "big strong man" to help them. Any other time there would be a mix of "I Will Survive" and "I'm a Woman" playing from the ovarian soundtracks that teem in the underground jungle of office politics.
Now before I could get up and change the bottle, the Former Reader Known Formerly As The Lurker (who was standing over there) changed the bottle. Now WW is forced to start berating me for making a woman lift something heavy.
And in my mind I am choking her, ever so slightly.
After her tirade (about midway through it I detached myself from the conversation and said that I was just going to not speak for the rest of the day) she asked me what my problem was. Seeing how I am not speaking (but knowing that to say absolutely nothing would bring about something just short of the Cuban Missile Crisis) I said "nothing" and left it at that.
just 7 hours to go until the next job...

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