Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

...with a side of...

Okay. It has been a hectic few weeks, and to make maters worse the fascist firewall / fun blocker here at work has been keeping me from posting for the last few weeks. But I found a loophole in their evOl blockage, and much like a man who ate too much cheese a week ago, I am feeling much less blocked NOW.

So it is "Employee Appreciation Day here at the hospital. This year there is / was a bake off (yes, employees bring in dishes to be judged by other employees. I love nepotism coated with chocolate ganache and topped with brown nosed bing cherry). Also, there is volleyball (apparently the basement is playing the winner of the Med/Surg Wing vs. TBI aka Traumatic Brain Injury - TBI is the wing that gets the most "Code Red"s, mainly when the guy who got knocked in the head and now thinks he is Elvis decides to light up a Marlboro Light in his room. Happens about 2 or 3 times per day). There are a few REAL rah rah types down here for the game. And to ice the cake of mediocrity there is karaoke ALL DAY! Yup, just in case you have ever wanted to hear Dr. Jonbonjovi (there is actually a Dr. somewhere in the hospital who's name is VERY similar to this, and because the receptionist lady has a hard time with names possessing more than 2 syllables it usually comes out something like this) belt out his version of the Act I closing number from "Rent" NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!!!!

I will wait for those of you who feel the need to rush to the cafetorium to head out in a nice, orderly fashion.


For those of you that are still here, other than that, things are pretty much status quo, which means FUBAR as usual. One piece of news, it turns out that I am finally going to meet my father-in-law next month (I don't know exactly when). He lives overseas, so this will be a first. It should be news-worthy, at least on here. I don't know if the Washington Post is gonna grab the story, but you should be able to hear the details right here).

Tomorrow looks to be a long day, and Saturday too. Some interesting things are happening this weekend and as soon as I can I will let you know what it is.

Have a bitchin' weekend my tiggas!


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