Monday, July 07, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

Sometimes it is beneficial to have a bladder on a schedule...
I am not one of those people that has a cell phone that they use for 500 different tasks. I am not even a fan of texting. I know, I know, I am sounding more than a bit like one of those "get off my lawn" kind of old people. But I just don't see the reason to have a phone that I can use to trade stocks while waiting out a red light. For me it would be superfluous.
One thing I do use my phone for besides calling is as my alarm clock. I got in the habit of it when I was living in my old apartment and available plugs were at a premium (my old apartment was a house turned into apartments, and there was only one dual socket outlet in the room that was designated as a bedroom). Since I had so few available outlets, I had to make do with what I had, and since my old cell phone had an alarm clock I metaphorically killed two birds with one technological stone. After time it became the habit, even after Wifey and I moved into the house that the bank is letting us live in while we pay them.
When I am at Bullseye Inc., I have to have my phone either turned off or on vibrate. I worked last night. Guess who forgot to turn their ringer back on before going to bed last night? If you guessed me, you made "The Right Call". So why am I not still in bed, blissfully unaware of the fact that I should have been at work well over an hour ago? Because I have trained my bladder to be the fail safe to my over-nocturninalization.
I bet that isn't a word. (added after done typing my post - it isn't. I just did spellcheck and they highlighted the ever-loving crap out of it. Of course, they have a problem with "Bullyseye", "dumbass", and "texting", so you have to take any corrections here with a grain of salt...)
I woke up about 10 minutes after my alarm went off (or to be more exact, 10 minutes after my phone randomly danced around my nightstand). It was one of those "I have to pee. Why is it so bright? What the hell time is it? OH CRAP! Why didn't my alarm go off?!?!? Oh wait, it did. I am such a dumbass. Oh MAN I had to pee"...
Due to my ability to get ready in a hurry when the need arises, I got to work about 5 minutes later than usual (not impressed? Well, if it wasn't for the fact that I got stuck behind an impromptu parade on North Avenue that had me going about 15 MPH from Howard Street until after Monroe Street I would have actually gotten here EARLIER than usual).
All thanks to my Pavlovian need to piss at the same time every damn morning.

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