Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

Okay, it is my last week here in Moleville, and I am all about revealing a little more of the day to day insanity.
The Mother Hen? She shares the same name as the lady up above (above this sentence. Not getting TOO ethereal here). Esther is ther one that likes to cluck about EVERYTHING, and arrange all these team building activities that she is convinced fosters closer working relationships. She is also the one that likes to send emails to everyone down here in the billing office from the refridgerator reminding us to take out our stuff that has been here too long or it will be thrown out (and honestly, if I haven't finished off that lasagna that I brought in back in mid July, what makes you think that I care about the disposable Glad brand tupperware?). Only she cannot spell "fridge", so we get emails from the frig.
I can't make up this kind of crap.
She is also the one hat complains to your boss about your radio being too loud, but Lord help you if you have a problem with her Elvis or Beach Boys music.
But since I am leaving her behind, I can forgive all of that.


  1. Oh James, James, JAMES!

  2. emails from the "frig"? Hopefully you illuminated her on the proper definition of the word before you left. I'm curious to see if she was still wasting time; fooling around by taking advantage of; victimizing people with emails from the masturbator?