Friday, September 26, 2008

Today's Reveal Is...

It is time to tell you a little bit about what I am leaving behind...

I would hope you know who this is in real life, but in case you don't, her name is Linda Carter. One of the Hen's name is Linda Carter. Linda is one of the less annoying Hens, for the most part we got along well and liked each other. There were a few moments of tension here and there, but I guess that is to be expected from any long term working relatinoship. I will definitely miss working with her.

This is Sybella (I did a GIS for the first names and found that 99% of the first 3 or 4 pages for almost everyone was really hot chicks with almost no clothing on. Seeing how I am describing middle aged women with multiple children (except for Josh, who I will get to in a minute), the thought of posting a bunch of cheesecake pictures didn't work for me. Sybella is the one that I had the most fun playfully picking on, and she returned the favor in spades. She may have taken about 9 months to learn my name, but she never let me forget that she knew that I was here. I will miss her, too.

There is no one named Jetun on the internet. So I searched for "the lurker" and found this. Yes, the Lurker is named Jetun. She was my confidant here, and the one I could always look to when things got inane / stupid / shotgun worthy. I will probably miss her most of all.

Julie. There are 2 Julie's here. One I kinda know, one I know a little better, and I like her a lot. She is one of the lucky ones (one of the ones that has a real office with a door that she can shut when the Hens get too riled up. She is opinionated and has that twinkle in her eye / voice that I always appreciated. And I think that she knew that she had an ally in me.

You should know this person's name. The first name is the same as the person in question.


She is the one who started 99% of the conversations that made me want to tear out my hair and start cock slapping people. She is the one who HAD to tell us all about what happened on Dancing with the Stars and how offended she was that Clay Aiken came out of the closet. HE HAS A KID! He shouldn't be allowed to have a child if he is gay! He will make the child gay!


Tina became the one that annoyed me the most after Asian Mustard Lady went off to the upper, above ground levels of the hospital, then eventually to the medical center downtown. She is the one that I am going to be most tempted to walk up to, drop my pants, and fart in her face as I prepare to leave for the day.

The thing is, she never meant to be annoying. And to everyone else down here she wasn't (I guess). But she drove me up a damn wall.

But of course, you know I am saving the BEST for last...

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