Monday, June 30, 2008

This is why I don't bring a gun to work

What is the over / under for the use of the word "midget" here in Moleville? Apparently it is 5,837. I am betting on the over.
I do not know why the Hens are clucking over this one, but the big one started saying over and over how she "can't do no midgets" (disturbing mental image aside, is there ANY WAY that could be rephrased?!?!?) That led to Big'un and the Jamaican and even the Coworker Formerly Known As The Lurker to start tossing the word around willy-nilly.
And some people wonder why I spend so much time here online. It is the only way that I can not poke out my eyes and eardrums.
I'm gonna start sharpening my letter opener just in case.

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