Thursday, October 02, 2008

I might be in Trouble. With a capital "T" and that rhymes with "P" and that stands for...

Yes, there is a Polock Johnny's right down the street from my new office.

I HAVE to fill you in on my new office. Once I start working here more often (this is the first day that the software that I need to do my job has been operational here, so it is the first day I have been here for more than an hour and a half), I will let you know. Currently I am working on nicknames.

I do have to apologize for not updating at all in the last week or so, the changeover (and extra commuting from home to office to old office) has been EXTRA fun, so I have been extra swamped. However, C3PO the Robot Translator Lawyer mentioned last night that he has been looking for an update, and since he is fluent in free legal advice (and snark) in over 6 million different forms of communication, I have to keep him on my good side. Besides, he usually laughs at my jokes, and he makes one hell of a grilled meal. And whenever he comes over he brings beer and pie. And honestly, if you come to my house bearing beer and pie, you will be welcomed. If Charles Manson came to my door with a pecan pie in one hand and a 12 pack of Yeungling in the other, I would helter his skelter right in the house and let him have a conversation with the dog while I feasted.

One problem with the setup here as opposed to Kernan, the cubicles are much more like prefabricated housing along a thoroughfare than an actual area of cubicles. I am currently facing a wall, with my back to the walkway. Those that are across from me are looking into open space, with THEIR backs to the same pathway. The problem is that there is not nearly the same amount of cover / subterfuge available for one such as me who would like to release a little steam from the rear port area (I used to keep a bottle of Febreeze at my desk in case I thought it was getting too bad). Now I have to hold it in.

I might look a little bloated the next time you see me.


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