Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dont Jack and wake.

I know, it sounds kinda dirty. Well for once it isn't. Nor am I referring to the sour mash whiskey (JD in NOT bourbon, TYVM). I am referring to the radio station Jack-FM. Many cities are getting stations like this, the "IPod Shuffle" of radio. No DJ's, "we play what we want", and a vastly expanded music library compared to starions that focus on one genre, like country or R&B. Jack-FM can follow Garth Brooks with Barry White, and it is okay. Basically it is like soulless college radio. No personality, just a slightly snarky voice guy throwing around mild insults as a bumper to and from commercial breaks. What does this have to do with the title? Read on...

Wifey's sleep habits are by now well known (if you have read this blog at all). Her waking habits have been discussed in detail also. Her inability to wake up to her own alarm clock is fast becoming legend. Well, the other thing that I am pretty sure I have mentioned is that she has a habit of not tuning the station in all the way, so that the noise you hear is that in between station noise. Quite jarring to wake up to. Well, there is something worse. And that something worse is waking up to Jack-FM.

Wit hher propensity for hitting the snooze bar, I was awakened by Bon Jovi, followed 7 minutes later by Prince, and 7 minutes after that it was Faith Hill, and so on for over an hour. The problem is, the more the musical genres changed around, the more disconcerting it was to my internal processing system. You see, one style of music or random repeating noise, I can pretty much ignore, depending on the volume. When it keeps changing around, my mind wants to start processing differing stimuli. It probably goes back to my deejaying days (another reason to dislike Jack. It puts deejays out of work). So I get out of bed earlier than I planned, and my entire day is off to a rocky start. And you know how hard it is to correct things like that.

More news when my brain has adjusted.


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