Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A gentle prodding to wake the beast

I just checked on Wifey's blog, and there are two things that stick out to me.

One, she hasn't updated it in almost 2 weeks. Two posts and now nothing. Is this a forgotten child?

Two, and much more important to me, I checked out her profile and it says that she is a male. Now I have inspected her pretty thoroughly, and if she is a he, I will be damned if I can figure out where she/he is hiding it. And if this is a surgical thing, while that would make me more than a little non-plussed, I cannot say for certain that I would bounce her/him out on their ass. But if it IS a case of "snip snip make a tunnel for spelunking", I would like to know why I have had to wear all that stupid protection.

And in a note completely unrelated to anything except that I made a casual reference to rubbers, did you know that the technical term for when you get your teeth cleaned is a "prophylaxis"? It is called a "prophy" for short. But the fact that teeth cleaning and a sperm collecting device are spelled ALMOST exactly the same is, to me, very funny.

1 comment:

  1. "Those are the whitest teeth I've ever come across!"