Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quich hit and apology

Hey everybody. It is currently a little before 9:15 am here in Baltimore. Make note of the time. Why? Because I am running an impromptu experiment. I am waiting to see how long it will be until the Hens see the news story about Mo'Nique beign kicked off of an airplane ( http://et.tv.yahoo.com/newslink/15285/ ), and after that, how long they will cluck on and on about it. As an added bonus, I am setting the over/under for the amount of cluck time that revolves around her weight to be 75%. I feel like I might be setting the bar too high, but I have faith in them.

Also, I do apologize for the Ron White video not playing directly off of the page here. I didn't see the "won't allow embedding" when I was posting it. Mea culpa!

Be back as soon as the game plays out!


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