Friday, July 28, 2006

My conversion to Sci Fi

In case I haven't covered this before (I am too damn lazy to scan all the archives to see if I have already mentioned this stuff), Wifey is a big fan of Sci-Fi. Me, not so much. As a kid I was into Star Wars, but that became more of a cultural thing. I watched Star Trek reruns and the early episodes of TNG with my Dad, but that is pretty much the extent of it. But one thing is a universal fact, and that is a well written show transcends labels. I am coming around to the idea that the new Battlestar Gallactica is such a show. Wifey and Larry the Upstairs Neighbor have been watching it from the beginning and have forced me to sit and watch a few episodes with them. And it is pretty good. I am not addicted to it like I am to Deadwood and the Sopranos, but it is a damn good show. Plus, watching it has benefits, like Tricia Helfer (I think that is right). she plays a Cylon, which are the bad guys. But these aren't the silver robots with KITT's red eyeball light but lacking KITT's ultra cool St. Elsewhere doctor/Boy Meets World teacher voice (making KITT the clear winner in that debate) that were on that 70's version of the show. No, they have improved the model quite a bit. So while I debate how I am going to find the time to catch up on however many seasons of this show I am behind on, I leave you with a couple of compelling reasons to tune in when it comes back on.

Happy Weekend Everybody!



  1. I can see how those would be compelling reasons for men and lesbians...

    Now... what reasons can you offer me? Or is Wifey better equiped to answer this question? :-)

  2. I offer no reasons for anyone to join me in ogling sexy robots. Hell, I'm married to one.