Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I think I am supposed to be flattered

So I am going through my Yahoo! (r) email, which I keep around as my spam dump / register here email account (and so Wifey and I can IM each other while I am at Purgatory), and I find THIS email under the heading "Your recent profile"...

I was looking at your message you left and I think that we need to be with each other. I am good looking girl. I am messaging from my friend's account so don't reply to this email directly 
my personal email is . I will send you my pic. It was the first time the. annual retail sales figure has fallen on government records going back to 1992. Many analysts believe the overall economy,. as measured by the gross domestic product, plunged at an annual rate of 6 percent in the just-completed fourth quarter after dropping by 0.

There are a few things that make me curious here.  First of all, I have not made any profiles recently.  In fact, the last profile I made in the last few years was when I registered on Fark so I could make snarky comments on the message boards.  I do not know what message she is speaking of, as I have not ever seen that email address before, and the last "message" I sent was a comment on Fark about a Russian skater who's costume malfunctioned and her boob popped out.  I made a Family Guy reference, with a picture of Chris.  If that makes her think that we need to be with each other, well, I do not know WHAT to think of that.  I am glad she included a personal email.  I look forward to her picture.  I am glad to hear that she is good looking.  But the thing that really sold her for me was her obvious interest in economics and the global market.  You just don't find a lot of good looking girls in the global economic think tanks, or at least I have assumed so.  Maybe this will open a whole new world of women who can actually recite pi while I... get the idea.

Wifey, get to memorizin'! BSR is coming home soon and he wants to hear how many decimal places you can get to before your eyes roll back!

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