Friday, January 23, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

At the old day job (technically not in Moleville proper, but up where the surface dwellers lived), every Friday whoever wanted to would put $2 in the kitty and someone would go out and but a couple lottery tickets.  Usually they only won a buck or two, and that money would get rolled into the next week's kitty.

Well, I have been here in Purgatory now for almost 4 months, and earlier this week I decided to see if there was anyone who wanted to begin this little exercise in state sponsored gambling in THIS office.  Out of 9 or 10 people, 5 said yes immediately and a couple others said something to the effect of "what the hell, it's a couple of bucks" (which is my philosophy on it.  There are plenty of ways to blow a couple of bucks - that statement means something ENTIRELY different in Milwaukee - and this is as entertaining as most things you can do for $2/week).  But I wouldn't be posting a story about this if it was all whisky and bacon (these are a few of my favorite things...), so...

I have a new nickname for a previously unmentioned coworker.  She used to work here years ago and left, and now has come back to work the special project that those of us who ARE employed here currently get OT for working after business hours, but she is here DURING business hours, and since she doesn't actually work here full time she is getting regular pay and not OT pay(Confused?  You won't be.  After THIS episode of...SOAP).  Anyhoo, she latched on to this idea of lotto glory really quick and quite vehemently.  I (being the sponsor of this exercise in stadium funding) had said I would get the tickets on Fridays.  I figured I would get a ticket for two drawings on the same numbers (Friday and the following Tuesday) and go from there.  Well Christian Okoye (check out his nickname, right in the first paragraph.  THAT is what I think of her.  But for now, she will be known simply as Okoye) has been saying that I should get the tickets at lunch on Fridays.  And I have been saying that if I go out for lunch on Friday I will get them then.  If I don't I will get them on the way home or while I am at Bullseye Inc. (there is a lottery machine next door at the grocery store).  Well, today I grabbed an envelope from the pile and put my name and the fact that I put $2 in it and put it in a public place.  I then started to inform all of my coworkers that it was there.  When Okoye started in AGAIN on me needing to get it during lunch, I had finally had enough.  I took my money out, scratched off my name, handed the envelope to her and told her that it was her baby now.  I don't know why she doesn't trust me, but if I am going to get scrutinized that harshly over $10 or $12 a week earmarked for lottery tickets, then I do not want to be responsible for it and I sure as hell don't want to play the game with her.

On a personal note, if her uncle ever needs to get money out of the country, I am not going to help him using my bank account.  I don't care how much he is going to pay me to do it.


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