Friday, January 09, 2009

While I sit here at my desk, trying to look busy whenever someone walks past but otherwise not getting a damn thing done (pretty much like anything else), I came across a site that had a bunch of "battle of the restaurants" with various foodstuffs (cheesesteaks, pizza, etc.).  There was one for Cheeseburgers, too.  And it seems that at one particular place they asked for a burger to be cooked medium rare and had that request refused.  I will let them tell you in more amusing detail...

There's one thing holding it back--the absurd fear many restaurants have of serving under-cooked meat. You request medium rare and they politely inform you that, no, unfortunately they can't do that. The best they can do is medium. The problem is that medium without the rare is really well done. Our species has survived thousands of years huddling around fires and eating chunks of squirrelly meat off the tips of dirty sticks, and suddenly one slightly pink burger is going to launch a "Hot Zone"-sized epidemic that will knock civilization to its knees? One word: amoxicillin.

Can I get an amen, people?!?


  1. Amen! Now I'm extra hungry. Nothing like a weekend with a stomach bug to whet your appetite once the innards stabilize. Pass the steak knife! To someone else! I'm going to get medieval on that rump roast!

  2. I focused more to the pic than the writing, it looks really tasty,