Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

I cannot get into detail regarding what happened at Bullseye Inc. last night.  If I do and it gets traced back to me that I have put this information out onto the intarwebs, I will be fired (at the least), but I can tell you this...

We busted two juvenile shoplifters last night.  One who had been deterred from stealing at our store on two other occasions, and one who had been busted at another store a few months ago.  Their parents were both sick of the fact that they keep getting into trouble, and told the police officer that responded that he had their permission to try and put a little fear into them.  Juvenile Services and the Hickey School were mentioned as a possible destinations for them.  One of the youths asked me if there were gangs at the Hickey School.  I told him there were.  And yes, there are.  But this is where it got fun (at least for me).  I mentioned that there were Crips and Bloods and MS-13.  Then I said the T-Birds and the Pink Squirrels and even the Dave Clark 5 were all active there, and you DEFINITELY did not want to mess with THEM.

That is when the officer left the room to have a laugh.  And that is when my work was done.

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